A Beginner’s Guide to the 10 Best Lightweight Trolling Motor Batteries

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Do you need assistance with buying an excellent battery on your trolling motor? In that case, you've come to the appropriate place. In this article, we're going to discuss the top ten trolling motor batteries and probably the lightest trolling motor battery offered. Let us get going.

A Brief Introduction to Trolling Motor Batteries Before we begin listing the greatest trolling motor batteries offered, it's necessary you already know a number of crucial facets of a trolling motor battery pack. This battery is drastically different than the starter electric battery used in the automobile of yours.

A trolling motor battery is generally called a marine battery or maybe a full cycle battery pack. This battery pack operates by discharging a tiny quantity of recent at regular times for a particular period of time. This will help them use their electrical charge better and also helps maintain your trolling motor for several hours. A deep cycle battery could be further categorized into 2 types:

A lead acid wet cell battery is a standard trolling motor battery. It uses electromagnetic plates which are submerged within an electrolyte solution. This substance is generally composed of sulfuric acid and liquid. It's essential to keep the fluid level because of this battery. This is often accomplished with the addition of distilled water, each time the substance level decreases.

Be sure you do not get careless about this particular issue of battery maintenance. If the electrolyte solution dries approximately the stage that the cells and also plates get open, then the electric battery becomes damaged. This particular battery type is reasonably priced and is quite generally utilized for trolling motors. It is able to last for two years trolling motor amp draw.

An AGM battery is a kind of battery that is entirely sealed. This allows the battery maintain the charge of its for an extended time period. Additionally, it extends its lifespan. They could keep going for as long as four years. Nevertheless, they're also more expensive than a lead acid wet cell battery.

Lastly, always hook up the battery of yours to some battery maintainer when not used. Lots of people love to keep their kayak battery power on an out-of-the-way shelf because of their other boating equipment but this may end up in the early demise of the battery of yours. Most quality battery chargers possess a maintenance(or float) mode built in, only leave it attached in a well ventilated spot.

Precisely why Does Battery Weight Matter?
Your electric trolling motor makes thrust to move the boat of yours. The limiting element in the yield of that particular thrust is weight. Thus, the taller the entire weight of the boat of yours and gear the more energy it is going to take moving your boat.

Today in case you've a little motor and a very light boat you are able to use a tiny electric battery to troll around your preferred lake. Several of the greatest boats for lightweight batteries may be jon boats, kayaks, canoes, along with small aluminum boats.

Should you visit a bigger boat you are going to need a much larger trolling motor and also larger batteries to power the motor of yours.

Top Choice Lightweight Battery
When looking at batteries, the pounds arrived in a close second to effectiveness because in case the battery of yours will not work your trolling motor, then the weight does not matter. For that reason, we pick the ML Group thirty four 12V 60AH SLA Mighty Max Battery for Electric Trolling Motor as the top pick of ours. The mass is at the maximum of ours for this particular category; however, the sixty amp hour rating helps make a huge difference.

If you're using a kayak, you may want a 2 battery system for better weight or balance distribution. In this particular situation, we suggest the Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH SLA Battery for Minn Kota Endura C2. The 2 batteries will weigh somewhat more than forty six pounds and also have a seventy amp hour rating.

Lastly, in case you've the money we suggest going with a lithium battery pack. Lithium batteries are considered the lightest with to potential power of any present battery. Additionally, for life span lithium batteries has much more than ten times the cycle lifetime at fifty % level of discharge when compared with the very best lead acid battery pack. We've a summary of some terrific lithium batteries below.

Picking out the Lightest Trolling Motor Battery Now you've a short understanding of trolling motor batteries we need to check out some marine batteries that qualify as the "lightest trolling motor battery."

1. Mighty Max Battery ML18 12 12V 18AH SLA AGM Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery for Electric Trolling Motor

The very first electric battery to have on our list is the ML18 12 from Mighty Max. Mighty Max is a well reputed manufacturer for trolling motor batteries. Their products are recognized for the quality of theirs & endurance. Their ML18 12 battery weighs just twelve lbs, which helps make it probably the lightest trolling motor battery on the list of ours.

The electric battery works at twelve volts and contains an amp hour speed of eighteen AH. It's a sealed lead acid electric battery which tends to make use of AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt) know-how. Despite the low amp hour fee, you are able to count on this battery to deliver a high quality performance. Additionally, it recharges quickly. Because it's an AGM battery, you don't have to stress about maintenance. It has a 1 year warranty, and you are able to count on the battery to last for three to four years. That is not a bad deal considering the quantity of comfort it provides at a sensible price.

2. Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH SLA Battery for Minn Kota Endura C2

The next electric battery to have on our list is the ML35 12 SLA by Mighty Max. This battery power was released in 2015. It's a closed lead acid battery which is ideal for trolling motors. The battery makes using of AGM, and sealed lead acid engineering, and also gives the very best of both worlds. It's a calcium alloy grid which enhances its performance.

The utilization of calcium alloy also would make the battery much more resistant to overcharging. The ML35 12 SLA works at twelve volts and contains an amp hour score of 35AH. The battery power is spill proof and weighs about 23.15 lbs. Additionally, it has a high discharge pace and can operate at a multitude of temperatures.

You are able to charge it by mounting it in every place. The battery is shock resistant and has a 1 year warranty. The AGM technology, together with its valve regulated design, aids in preventing any dripping of the electrolyte solution. Additionally, it involves very little maintenance. Besides serving as a trolling motor battery pack, it is able to also be worn for motorcycles, golf carts, healthcare mobility automobiles, etc.

3. Expert Power 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

Expert Power Inc. is one other well-known business that's been producing batteries after 1987. Their rechargeable heavy cycle batteries effortlessly qualify among probably the lightest trolling motor batteries you will locate. This specific battery by Expert Power utilizes state-of-the-art Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) know-how. It works at twelve volts and contains an amp hour score of thirty three AH. It is able to run for many hours before you have to charge it.

Just like the Mighty Max batteries reviewed above, this person carries a calcium alloy grid too. These batteries can also be regulated through valves and need little maintenance. It's a bit heavier compared to the Mighty Max battery and also weighs about 23.3 lbs. It is able to run at a multitude of temperatures and is ideal to be used in a trolling motor. It has a 1 year warranty.

4. Expert Power EXP12180 Lead Acid Battery

This's the next lightest trolling motor battery power on the list of ours. It weighs in at just 12.3 pounds. It was launched in 2007 and it is also the go to option for most boat owners. Backed by Expert Power Inc, you are able to count on the battery to offer a consistent and reliable results. It works at twelve volts and contains an amp hour speed of eighteen AH.

The battery uses sealed lead acid technology. The cover features ABS plastic material. This's shock-resistant and non-conductive. It is able to also withstand exposure to chemicals and heat. The battery is vibration resistant too. In case you're searching for something light, long-lasting, and price friendly, then this's among the greatest trolling motor batteries out there.